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NOTE:  Some visuals show live action actors.  This project is being redevloped into a puppet film, like the Muppets, etc.


in the documentary "The World of Jim Henson" at 30 minutes * Jim says: "What all this is about is looking at ourselves.  We are seeing ourselves in this work."

What the Halo? is a comedy film that attempts to "look at ourselves" and show how we all need to keep our eyes on Jesus to find humility.  Since most actors have trouble with humilty we are forced to use puppets.  Kidding, but not about the puppets.  Since all directors have trouble with humility, we'll just have to deal.  Not klidding.

Logline: A pastor, a hippie, and an angel walk into a car...

Synopsis: Since the beginning, God has sent angels between heaven and earth as His messengers. Scripture describes some of these astonishing creatures as "fearsome" and "mighty", "miraculously brilliant", "supernatural marvels!" ...and then there’s Sam. Sam barely arrived on time to sing to the shepherds, and now for some reason, God is sending her to earth on a mission that could change lives...if she doesn’t screw it up first.

Since a dark and stormy night in 1979, Iris “Moonbeam” Sunflower has been in hiding. It was on that night that her boyfriend Scott made Iris the unwilling get-away driver for a bank heist. In the pouring rain and under distress, Iris crashed the get-away car at the entrance to Muddy Run Park. With Scott unconscious and the police quickly approaching, the petrified Iris escaped with hundreds of thousands of dollars into the crowd of a new "Jesus-Music" festival, called Creation.

Now almost 40 years later, Iris plans to dig up the money she hid. But before she does her neighbor, celebrity youth pastor, Jake Wright puts her face on TV, revealing her current identity and location to Scott and his cracked brother Stu who both did time for the crime and are still holding a grudge against Iris.

When Jake invites Iris to this year’s Creation Festivals, she initially declines joining him for the “Bible Bash”, but with Scott and Stu back on her trail, Iris hops on the church bus and joins the youth as they go on tour.

Just as the journey begins, Sam falls from the sky in front of the church bus. She has never experienced gravity before so her transition to earth is a little bumpy. The angelic "rookie" has been assigned to help Jake open a sinner’s eyes. New to earth and the human experience, Sam is distracted and trying not to get trapped in her own seven “deadly sins” including: binging on chocolate, telling white lies, speeding, and overspending on Jake’s credit card.

Jake hopes that Sam’s “vision exchange” powers, which allow him to see sin on others as Sam does, will help him accomplish the mission. There are plenty of sinners to look at that need saving, but how will he find the right one? Perhaps it’s Iris? Or Stinky, the idiot savant youth who still as a teenager has “accidents”? Or maybe it’s even that hitchhiker they picked up that appeals to Sam’s sweet-tooth and invites her to try “nose candy”? The possibilities are endless, but there’s a high chance that the “sinner” Jake is looking for is a lot closer than he thinks.

What the Halo? is the wacky summer road trip movie to be filmed at the Creation Festivals, with a built-in forty year-old legacy audience of attendees numbering in the millions. What the Halo? is sure to keep you laughing and may even open our eyes to the “Comedy of Grace” and the Glory all around us.



Reference Videos:

*Jim Henson Documentary : https://youtu.be/lfVA7ZAbg2o

Script Reading Feedback : https://youtu.be/bLzfWdZP76c

Live Action Trailer : https://youtu.be/k_CmpJgZZ1Y

Live Action Teaser "Sam" : https://youtu.be/Ym6fq8hQzJg


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$0 / $17,000
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